Description: Rope Hit, Sports Martial Arts

Description: Fast Thick Whoosh Space Whooshes, Swooshes & Warbles

Description: Folding Pocket Knife: Fold Closed; Miscellaneous Opens & Closes, Knives

Description: Turning Door Lock: Unlock And Lock Quickly Doorknobs

Description: Industrial Power Switch: On Or Off, Electricity Electricity, Arcing & Sparks

Description: Small Plastic Toggle Switch: Two Switches, On Or Off; Miscellaneous Household, Space Buttons, Switches & Panels

Description: Opening Champagne Bottle, Cork Out Glass Bottles & Jars

Description: Very Small Plastic Bottle: Pop Off Lid; Plastic Boxes & Containers

Description: Medium Nut Tin With Plastic Lid: Open; Metal Containers, Lids & Grates, Plastic Boxes & Containers

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