Description: Int/Ext: Start, Idle, Shut Off, Mix Version, Vintage Car Vintage Cars (1940-1980);Packard Cars

Description: Chevelle: Ext: Approach, Pull Up, Stop, Idle, Shut Off, Chevrolet, Vintage Car, Sports Car Car Drive Towards;Vintage Cars (1940-1980);Chevy Cars

Description: Chevelle: Ext: Pass By, Medium Speed, Chevrolet, Vintage Car, Sports Car Car Passes;Vintage Cars (1940-1980);Chevy Cars

Description: Pull Up, Over Obstacle, Stop, Reverse Bmw Cars;Car Drive Towards

Description: Ext: Start, Idle, Accelerate Slow Continuously, Idle, Shut Off, From Rear Tires, Forward Parking Sequence Bmw Cars

Description: Cars Passing Over Bridge With Metal Speed Bump, Recorded From Beneath Car Passes

Description: Cadillac: Int: Driving At Fast Speed, Low Frequency, Gmc Cadillac Cars

Description: Int: Four People Enter Car, Doors, Seatbelts, Start, Drive Car Doors;Car Seats & Seat Adjustments;Car Drive Aways

Description: Vehicle, Starts And Leaves, Electronic; Digiffects; Car Drive Aways

Description: Ext: Approach, Pass By Left To Right, Very Slow Speed, Chevrolet, Truck Chevy Trucks;Car Drivebys Left To Right

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