Description: Traffic, Big City, Big Crossing, Wet Road; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences

Description: New York City, Manhattan: Late Night Traffic And City Rumble On Sidestreet, Building Ventilation Units, Siren, Garbage Truck

Description: Highway Traffic: Heavy, 60 To 70 Mph Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: City Environment, Ambience, Traffic, New York, Usa; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences

Description: Athens, Horns, Voices, Glass Clinks World Ambiences, Greece

Description: City Environment, Ambience, South America, Traffic, Hum Of Voices; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences; World Ambiences; South America

Description: Parking Lot Ambience At Grocery Store: Shopping Carts, People, Cars Traffic Ambiences

Description: Traffic, Big City, Highway, Distant; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences

Description: New York City, Times Square: Busy Traffic And Pedestrians, Car Horns, Whistles, Distant Sirens

Description: Medium Highway Traffic: Dry Road Traffic Ambiences

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