Description: Bomb, Big, Atom, Explosion, War; Digiffects; Explosions & Bombs

Description: Heavy Fire Rumble With Light Crackling Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames

Description: Slow Pressure Creak Squeak & Creak Foley

Description: Rooftop Pea Gravel: Men'S Business Shoes: Walk At Very Fast Pace; Gravel Footsteps, Male Footsteps

Description: Sharp Fabric Hit Cloth, Clothing, Fabric & Leather Foley

Description: Medium Tree: Fall To Ground Plant, Leaf & Tree Impacts

Description: Medium Piece Of Wood: Crack And Break Door & Window Impacts

Description: Bottle Of Wine: Pour Into Glass; Food, Pouring Liquid, Sloshing & Flowing

Description: T Rex, Growling, Sequence, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Dinosaurs; Creature Growls, Roars & Snarls

Description: Tonal Sparkle Gliss, Music Magic, Spells, Fantasy Accents & Glisses

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