Description: Prison Ambience: Doors Open And Close, Voices, Ventilation; Prison Doors

Description: Large Slot Machine Jackpot Payout Gambling Equipment & Cards

Description: Medium Audience Various Laughs; Vintage Recording; Laughing Crowds

Description: Game Show Buzzer: Short Buzzers

Description: Quick Swish Swish, Swoop, Swoosh & Swipe Foley

Description: Hard Face Slap, Human Human Impact Foley

Description: Indoor: House Party, Adults, Voices, Laughter Ambience Excited, Surprised, Amazed & Positive Crowds;Laughing Crowds

Description: Emergency Room: General Ambience, Voices, Medical Equipment, Radio Chatter, Emergency Hospital Ambiences;Hospital, Medical & Dental Equipment;Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: Arm Swing And Face Slap, Human Human Impact Foley

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