Description: Fierce Thunder Storm: Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Heavy Wind Ambience, Weather Rain;Storms & Natural Disasters;Thunder & Lightning;Wind

Description: Large Explosion Explosions & Bombs

Description: Large Fart, Human Belches, Burps, Farts, Hiccups & Vomit

Description: Ocean Ambience: Light Waves, Seagulls, Water Ocean, Surf & Waves

Description: Heavy Bump Miscellaneous Crashes, Hits & Impacts

Description: Short Tonal Sparkle Swell, Comedy Magic, Spells, Fantasy Accents & Glisses

Description: Humpback Whale Call, Song, Tones With Occasional Grunt-Like And Squeak-Like Tones Whales & Dolphins

Description: Christmas Street Scene: Traffic, Pedestrians, Music, Bells Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

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