Description: A fast jazzy march just right for those Keystone Cop chase scenes in the old movies, featuring piano, flute, guitar, accordion, mandolin, drums and bass.

Description: A quirky and fun gypsy jazz tune with a fun and humorous drummer playing on the rims of the drums, also featuring piano, acoustic guitar, marimba, ukulele and acoustic bass.

Description: A gypsy jazz tune full of whimsy and frivolity that conjures up any number of unusual situations one finds themselves in, featuring accordion, piano, guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: a gypsy jazz tune like paris in the 20s featuring piano, acoustic bass and guitar.

Description: a fun, high energy jazz swing tune with piano, guitar, bass and vibes.

Description: A frenetic and hectic gypsy jazz tune with accordion, piano, acoustic guitar, clarinet, ukulele and acoustic bass.

Description: (fast gypsy jazz) grand piano, mandolin, upright bass, acoustic guitar, vibes, cellos, celeste. High energy, fast paced jazz tune that reminds you of a Nervous Nelly on her way to share the latest gossip!

Description: A very fast and frenetic Gypsy jazz tune with piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: A lively gypsy jazz tune with a little bluegrass thrown in featuring acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin, vibes, banjo, drums and acoustic bass.

Description: A warm and sincere 2-beat jazz tune filled with a childish innocence featuring piano, ukulele, vibes, acoustic bass and drums.

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