Description: A little bug work music, since that seems to be what bugs do. Features lower brass, flute, Indian Sitar, African marimba, piano, congas and dobro guitar.

Description: a quirky and happy-go-lucky jazz tune with electric piano, guitar, bass and drums with brushes.

Description: Quirky Euro-centric jazz, with a tuba bass, jazz piano solo, and hop changes. Fun!.

Description: a funky tune in a stevie wonder style played by an eccentric group of instruments including an irish bouzouki.

Description: a funky and swinging jazz tune with piano, electric piano, electric bass, synth drums and congas.

Description: a humorous gypsy jazz tune with accordion, mandolin, guitar, piano and upright bass.

Description: a just for fun duet between a tuba and a piccolo with a few finger snaps for time keeping.

Description: a bulldog's personal soundtrack as he makes his daily rounds featuring electric piano, electric bass, guitar and percussion.

Description: a celtic/jazz tune with banjo, irish fiddle, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin and accordion.

Description: (jazz theme) jazzy piano and guitar picture an old billy goat nibbling his way here and there across your Grandma's back yard, only stopping for the occasional head butt.

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