Description: Life takes balance and drive to get where you want to go, like this song featuring electric piano, bass, drums, guitar and percussion.

Description: A very nostalgic and warm latin pop tune that is inviting and soothing with piano,electric bass, acoustic guitar,vibes and percussion .

Description: A frenetic nailbiter of a song with piano, guitar, electric piano, bass and percussion.

Description: A fun and interesting melody brings this latin pop to life featuring piano, bass, percussion, flute and vibes.

Description: Get moving and don't put anthing off because time just keeps ticking on, featuring piano, guitar, electric piano, flute, fretless bass lead, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A secretive and haunting latin pop tune with electric piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, piano, vibes and percussion.

Description: A sad and rueful latin pop tune with a very relaxed tempo featuring acoustic guitar lead, electric piano, vibes, electric bass, drums and percussion.

Description: Why not a tune for one of the most necessary picnic foods ever, this latin pop tune features electric piano, bass, percussion, guitar and tenor sax.

Description: A deep pocket of rhythm and coolchords help this latin pop tune see into your heart featuring piano, electric piano, bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

Description: This melody has a subdued energy that keeps you moving , featuring, piano, guitar, marimba, electric piano, bass and percussion.

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