Description: a comedic yet determined march with piano, guitar, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: a lively swinging polka using the jazz be bop form of rhythm changes with improvised solos by accordion and clarinet.

Description: a very dramatic and frenetic polka with accordion, clarinet, tuba, drums, piano, flute and trombone.

Description: a marchlike polka with a beer barrel polka vibe featuring accordion, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, flute, tuba, guitar and drums.

Description: a very broadway sounding polka with accordion, clarinet, guitar, trombone, tuba and drums.

Description: a prank filled funk jazz tune with piano, bass, marimba, celtic pipes and asian drums.

Description: an afro-cuban jazz tune with piano, bass, drums, guitar, accordion, marimba, tin whistle and conga drum.

Description: a medium tempo polka-like, comedic jazz tune with piano, bass, drums, guitar, ukulele and vibes.

Description: a melancholic yet hopeful bossa nova with piano, bass, drums, guitar and percussion.

Description: a fast, sexy and exciting samba with piano, electric bass, drums, guitar and flute.

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