Description: Jazz quintet plays the blues to perfection in a Beat Poet style, with flowing improvised solos featuring piano, acoustic guitar, flute, vibes, drums with brushes.

Description: A fast jazzy march just right for those Keystone Cop chase scenes in the old movies, featuring piano, flute, guitar, accordion, mandolin, drums and bass.

Description: A very determined and purposeful Latin jazz tune with flute, electric piano, piano, guitar, bass and percussion.

Description: A minor key swing tune with a very cool melody and moving harmony featuring piano, guitar, drums and bass.

Description: A question and answer melody, funky rhythm and motivating harmony propels this Latin pop/tango featuring electric piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A Latin ballad filled with remorse, featuring acoustic guitars, electric bass, electric piano and drums.

Description: (samba) electric piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass, banjo, flute, latin percussion, drums. Latin rhythm, with a bluegrass undertone. Bela’ Fleck meets Astrud Gilberto. Artful, poignant melody that moves you physically and emotionally.

Description: A very relaxed and slightly ethereal jazz ballad with piano, guitar, drums and bass.

Description: A happy-go-lucky tune with a deceptive edge to it, much like life itself featuring electric piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A very mellow and loving tune filled with melancholy featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, clarinet and drums with brushes.

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