Description: A french Musette waltz with a wistful yet uplifting melody that relaxes and invigorates featuring accordion, clarinet, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and flute.

Description: A gypsy jazz tune full of whimsy and frivolity that conjures up any number of unusual situations one finds themselves in, featuring accordion, piano, guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: modern aviation owes much to the geese squadron. here's a tune for them that's a little comical and a touch patriotic.

Description: a spoof of old cowboy music with piano, electric bass and drums.

Description: A sultry and sullen jazz swing tune with a touch of angst featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and drums with brushes.

Description: a relaxed medium swing jazz tune with piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: a quirky and slightly dark jazz swing tune with piano, bass, drums, guitar and flute.

Description: an exciting samba that leads straight to the dessert cart.

Description: a bright bossa nova with piano, electric bass, drums, guitar and drums.

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