Description: Energetic techno track, hybrid of rock and electronic. Perfect for commercials, promo videos, sport events, games, etc.

Description: A positive, uplifting, cheerful and sunny track with happy ukulele, piano, guitars and a feel-good groove. Perfect for commercials and advertising, brand identity, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, motivational projects, kids projects and more.

Description: Slow tempo hybrid track with electronic and orchestral elements. Enigmatic and mysterious mood would work great in a documentary, time lapse video or trailer.

Description: Upbeat acoustic song with happy feel and much positive emotions. Song made with acoustic guitars, ukulele and bright piano. If you need free customization of track, please feel free to contact me via profile page.

Description: Easy Christmas melody accompanied by guitar, bass, drums and string sections. A sense of celebration must be with you all the Christmas holidays! Please contact me if you need to modify this track for your specifications.

Description: Driving and agressive metal track with powerful distorted guitars and various electronic elements. Would be loved by fans of extreme sports. Will be perfect as a background for action, racing, fighting videos or games. If you need customization of this track (lenght, tempo, looping, pitch etc) please contact via profile page.

Description: Bright, uplifting and inspirational song. Sounds full of motivation, success and positive. This track features piano, acoustic and electric guitars, strings and violin. If you need custom edit of this track (looping, changing tempo, pitch, chord progression) please feel free to contact me

Description: Corporate motivating rock song. Filling with happiness, success and much positive feelings. Suitable for many projects for corporate use or adverts.

Description: Ambient cosmic soundscape made especially for videos and games with cosmic thematics. Also it will be perfect as a background for sci-fi films. If you need to free customization of track, please feel free to contact me via profile page.

Description: Ambient and atmospheric track, featuring beautiful piano sounds with stacatto strings textures and an underlying swing groove that creates a hypnotic and inspirational mood. Will be perfect for any commercial, promo videos, advertising projects etc.

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