Description: Corporate motivational track made using electric guitar, orchestra strings, piano and electronic pads. Suitable for many projects – commercials, promo-video, movie, sport events etc.

Description: Powerful groove-metal loop with some electronic instruments.

Description: Variation of popular christmas song in a loop. Perfect for a postcard to your friends and family.

Description: Ambient cosmic soundscape made especially for videos and games with cosmic thematics. Also it will be perfect as a background for sci-fi films. If you need to free customization of track, please feel free to contact me via profile page.

Description: Hard Industrial electronic theme with fat bass sound. Will be perfect for games, promo videos, tv, radio jingles etc.

Description: Dark and scary backround loop. Exciting atmosphere of horror, evil and imminence. Perfect for dramatic, action and horror video and games.

Description: Ambient and atmospheric track, featuring beautiful piano sounds with stacatto strings textures and an underlying swing groove that creates a hypnotic and inspirational mood. Will be perfect for any commercial, promo videos, advertising projects etc.

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