Description: Strange movement filled the world. Mystical fairytale track for stories or games.

Description: Pretentious uplifting music for big fish. Cold smooth and steady beat.

Description: A modern, smooth, clean, abstract warm and catchy logo, perfect for your company logo, as an ident or opener.

Description: Funny daytime children lite rock music. Positive and grooving this track is very simple.

Description: This mellow acoustic track mainly comprises a lightly fingerpicked acoustic guitar accompanied by piano and a few other light ambient instruments. Soft and romantic, it is a little bit dark and sleepy but overall positive and optimistic.

Description: Music for the program in ambient genre. Serious and positive, calm and neutral background track good for TV and radio report and screensaver.

Description: Slow sad spiritual flute music, meditative and spacey. Hot century sands of Arabic world is in this track.

Description: Slow romantic inspiring folk rock instrumental track in style of American pop country music.

Description: A sad and melancholic Duduk solo for the traditional folk media.

Description: Middle-Eastern horn 2 music phrases good for intro and logo on video about Arabic world.

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