Description: In searching of treasure and victory, for glory and big success. Hero and brave team do not know about a fear. This music is classic orchestral trailer for pirate and heroes movies in symphonic loud sound.

Description: Strange suspense psy experimental music for sci-fi, phichological and crime intro.

Description: Created by guitar and synth with percussion, movie slow dark ambient music texture.

Description: Flanged rhithmic asian arabic music, created by percussion and guitar.

Description: Meditative suspense dark and lonely cold mystic ambient track.

Description: Ambient dreamy asian ethno music good for travel film. This track created by hang and beautiful flute.

Description: Beautiful dreamy and meditative percussion relaxing music for intro.

Description: Traditional asian acoustic guitar and flute calm and magic music.

Description: Positive relaxing reggae dance music loop

Description: Energetic positive spiritual male song in reggae genre. Rhythmic pop world rap fun track.

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