Description: Slow meditative deep cinematic hip hop music. Melancholic and pensive this beat good for grey scenes.

Description: Simple melodic crystal piano tune sounds like lullaby for short memorable animation.

Description: Simple meditative background deep ambient inspiring music. Good track for astrological forecast and TV time holding. Slow and relaxing sound.

Description: Proud inspirational epic music in warm sound. Created on piano, drums and strings useful music for motivation videos.

Description: Serious tech electronic background music nice for science future podcast. Soft but energetic this music sounds contemporary.

Description: Sad melancholic piano music good for cinematic dramatic video. Calm and slow, this track is also quiet for airy speech background.

Description: Slow space sci-fi psychedelic melodic track. Slow and meditative this music deep and inspiring.

Description: Long dark synth background pad special for thriller and sci-fi video.

Description: Cinematic dark noise ambient good for thriller scary video. Epic drums and glitch effects hybrid with synth pad.

Description: Modern happy cover version for russian christmas tree song. Clapping ukulele and holiday bells create magic happy emotions.

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