Description: Modern electronic music in unreal space and movement with a lot of synth sounds. Melodic and charm.

Description: Soulful melody of the duduk. The greatness of eternity.

Description: Positive celebrative national traditional slavic music. Based on a balalaika and percussion instruments, this track is good for travel, historical and games projects, as well as for children movies.

Description: Celtic ethnic nature ambient soundscape music full of miracle, magic and happiness.

Description: Folk percussive adventure music for children film. Warm easy wood sound and music tense is good for action of seeking.

Description: Aggressive tense vigorous scary orchestral track. Loud and brutal steps of killer monster.

Description: Fun and happy old traditional festival dance music. Celebration upbeat bright comedy track.

Description: Sentimental lirical melodic celtic music. Full of romantic this track created with traditional ethnic flute, and harp.

Description: In searching of treasure and victory, for glory and big success. Hero and brave team do not know about a fear. This music is classic orchestral trailer for pirate and heroes movies in simphonic loud sound.

Description: Created by guitar and synth with percussion, movie slow dark ambient music texture.

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