Description: Magic fairy forest positive ambient track. Soundscape texture good for strange and mystic children story.

Description: Celtic ethnic nature ambient soundscape music full of miracle, magic and happiness.

Description: Calm meditation in forest make magic relaxing effect. Laid back sound is ethereal.

Description: Ambient soundscape track about the deep of ocean.

Description: Slow ambient relaxing music for spirit work.

Description: Long dark synth background pad special for thriller and sci-fi video.

Description: Space sci-fi meditative track to praise humanity in the cosmos. Wide piano combined with fundamental and stunning synth sounds.

Description: Relax on the spacious dreamy music of electronic and acoustic instruments. It gives a feeling of freedom and lightness of flight.

Description: Ambient cinematic meditative music with a sharm of sadness. Beautiful textures in low tempo with a saxophone and guitar melodies.

Description: Deep cinematic landscape background music. Serious as God.

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