Description: Adventure dynamic action hybrid children music. Some orchestral, some folksy, some comedy.

Description: Funny comedy crazy folksy bright dynamic music from europe old big top.

Description: Mischievous, playful music with a crazy female voices and jumpy rhythm. Perfect for the dance scenes, the intense and comedic highlights of performances and shows. Played on a piano, violins, drums and bass. Enjoy!

Description: Comic naughty nasty track about villains and monsters for your cartoon or computer game.

Description: Dinamic upbeat ska pop track with brass and claps. Bright and positive anthemn of energetic teen and student people.

Description: Fun dynamic active dance music. Upbeat and comedy orchestral track, energetic and positive.

Description: Fairytale light ironic lyrical composition for a cartoon, computer games or performances. Funny sounds make pizzicato strings, staccato piano and drums moving. Magic shade gives fabulousness.

Description: Positive fun fast music in a symphonic sound. Powerful brass and interesting percussion for your joy.

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