Description: In searching of treasure and victory, for glory and big success. Hero and brave team do not know about a fear. This music is classic orchestral trailer for pirate and heroes movies in simphonic loud sound.

Description: Dark intriguing cinematic adventure music for evil scary scene.

Description: Funny adventure orchestral music.

Description: Epic dramatic orchestral trailer track in spirit of hero apocaliptic movie.

Description: Dramatic action cinematic track with 12 chimes, orchestral strings and time to run away.

Description: Dark suspense cinematic orchestral music with athmospheric tension.

Description: Dramatic cinematic urban sad music, scary and tense. Action adventure groove suitable for problematic social media projects about health, poverty and hunger.

Description: Strange mystic dance orchestral action music.

Description: Battle scenes short intro music in orchestral dinamic cinematic sound for war game video.

Description: Movie trailer music on orchestral strings and percussion. Excellent for pulsating action scenes, historical films, trailers, pounding chase sequences, perfect for background music.

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