Description: Background world TV music in Indian style. Magic bright colors of India, sitar sound in this positive good mood music. Track suitable for advertising, promo, YouTube videos. Commercial and soft.

Description: Mystic world beat music on a shadow of spiritual sense. Tranquil guitar and Indian tempura make a meditative trance sound.

Description: Native indian song including male vocal, tampura pad and tabla drums. Light positive acoustic melodic song.

Description: Soft but rhythmical track with a variety of parts. Has to sit on the sofa, drink tea and dream. Shake your head to the beat of the music. Pleasant lounge, which is based on sound sitar and piano. Creates a light meditative state, and encouraging. Hypnotic, optimistic, positive, dreamy, soulful, meditative, mystique, chill, elegant, background track. Try to decorate them to your video presentation, or any installation.

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