Description: Electronic action cinematic music in power sound for sport video scenes. Perfect for extreme announcement video.

Description: Fast funk beat with an electronic effects for sport news. Dynamic and energetic this music make a moving any video.

Description: Dynamic electronic music loop for news on TV and radio. It`s great for news backgrounds, intros, for openers or other kind of presentation.

Description: Power agressive dramatic orchestral track in hip-hop groove about brutal angry life.

Description: TV background music for sports. Active dynamic electro funk in high speed and tension.

Description: Anthem pop contemporary inspiring track for big sport events. This music is full of olympic spirit. Spirit of Victory.

Description: Super drive guitar composition for adrenaline jump. High speed, aggression, and maximum power in this track.

Description: A powerful, rapid and attention-grabbing intro for a news block. Useful for ringtone, jingle, screensaver.

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