Description: a group of miners working.

Description: the croak of a raven and the sound of his beating wings.

Description: a wonderfull sound of tibetean prayingflags in the strong wind coming down from mount everest in the valley of ronbuk.

Description: sound inside a twinotter-aircraft on the flight to lughla/himalaya.

Description: prayingmills turning in front of rombuk monastary, tibet.

Description: a herd of yaks passing by in the wonderfull ambience of solo khumbu, himalaya.

Description: surroundsound of the jungle! comes in 6 mono files l, r, c, lfe, sl, sr, long files are cut in sample-precize parts.

Description: the sound of rolling chaines.

Description: a little stream in the silence of tibetean wilderness.

Description: atmosphere of the mount everest basecamp, nothern side, tibet.

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