Description: A bay, a beach, the sea and a shelter made of dry cane...

Description: Pompous and rich track with multitude of synths and effects. 80's flavour in a modern way.

Description: Little funny italian "liscio" track. Dancing in a little retro dancehall. Catchy and pure melody

Description: Catchy theme for outdoor activities. Easy listening track. Background for short story. Fresh and groovy.

Description: Groovy track with giant synth lead and epic guitars, Fresh TV Theme.

Description: Classic Hard Rock track. AC/DC style, drum, electric bass and guitars.

Description: Mystery and suspense. Music from an eastern desert with edgy electronic drums, distorted guitar, modern electronics, loneliness distant voice and tribal choir+percussion. Typical but original background for modern films, video games, documentaries, web sites and much more. Many subversions!

Description: Sweet and dreamy. Chamber strings, brush drums, intimate piano. Emotional crescendo with a lot of space and 3D sound. A beautiful and original bed to meditating, crying and inspiring.

Description: Misterious and tension building track. Suitable for underscoring Quiz Shows, Game and other competition shows. Classic strings quartet, subtle sub-bass line, ethereal synths and orchestral choirs. Background for TV shows like 'Who wants to Be a Millionaire'.

Description: Great sports anthem. The perfect soundtrack for a major sporting event like the World Cup. Powerful and intense with giants stadium toms , distorted guitars and crowd choirs.

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