Description: Killer guitar riffs in your face, Hardcore, modern heavy metal track with a big, slamming wall of guitar riffs, atmospheric synths. Serious sound for WWE and extreme sports.

Description: The harmony of the world. All human races merge into a single large planet with its differences, but in peace. The time of human folly is ended. Great for documentaries

Description: Synth bass sequence with powerful hits of orchestra and dramatic strings lines, while a flute performs the theme. A tribal rhythm gives a sense of escape from something. Ideal for a pre-Colombian scenario, full of drama but in modern key

Description: Menacing, dark and powerful track! Horror textures, fast drum fills, killer guitar mesa riffs and giants percussions. Fearful and hypnotic.

Description: Spacious and cinematic, great for Sci Fi, high tech apps, corporate branding, new media, news investigations, tension-building game shows, extreme sports, ESPN.

Description: Acoustic ukulele performs a slapping riff leading to a nice funky. TV Show Big Band sound with a big groovie Electric Bass tournaround and Brass solos.

Description: Very sunny and carefree song. Uplifting and festive contemporary ska instrumental with a fun party vibe and catchy trumpets melodies

Description: Classic Hard Rock track. AC/DC style, drum, electric bass and guitars.

Description: Great sports anthem. The perfect soundtrack for a major sporting event like the World Cup. Powerful and intense with giants stadium toms , distorted guitars and crowd choirs.

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