Description: Bright and warm with strumming acoustic guitar and featuring trumpet creates a cheerful mood, in the style of Mariachi.

Description: Upbeat and playful with a driving Calypso beat, steel drums and light percussion depict a beach party scene.

Description: Tender and warm with solo acoustic guitar creates a gentle feel.

Description: Laidback and light Christmas music with a Jazzy swing feel in the style of Vince Guaraldi creates a carefree mood.

Description: Smooth and gloomy with introspective piano and light strings create a pensive and solemn mood.

Description: Bright and warm with solo acoustic guitar creates an earthy and organic scene.

Description: Vibrant orchestral piece. Achievement, leadership, inspiration.

Description: Bright and determined with earthy acoustic guitar, introspective piano and light pulsing electronic textures create an optimistic mood.

Description: Reflective and light with solo soprano sax, light acoustic piano and guitar create a warm and sentimental mood in the style of Kenny G.

Description: Bouncy and energetic with quirky kitsch elements in the style of Herb Alpert depicting a game show scene.

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