Description: Mellow melodic piano instrumental and Wide guitar with a nice romantic Tape Piano. Light, breezy laid back atmospheric backdrop for commercial and corporate use, infomercials, commercial advertising, TV documentaries. Think soft travel to lounge music to moonlit dining to being in love.

Description: Heartwarming theme played by guitar, caught up with melancholical piano and supported by pads. Sad but hopeful music. Fine for all sentimental scenes in comedy, drama, family reunions, break ups, sorrowful backgrounds, romantic epic, children, documentaries, T. V show and much more.

Description: Mysterious, Sensitive, brooding, melancholic and dreamy Down Tempo contemporary instrumental. Hypnotic synth with wind chimes drums melody with a moderate pulsating & Ambient Piano. Suitable for Dramatic Scenes, Mysteries, Scene Segments, Romantic Love scenes, Film, TV and more.

Description: This track is a bit hard to categorize. It's a melodic piece based on a Piano section, Acoustic & Electronic Guitar and electronic percussion. The purposefully staccato electronic sounding drums interact with the tender and expressive Piano section to create a unique and captivating epic sonic image.

Description: Dark ambient theme featuring Dulconian elixer, Indus Strings, Drifter, Deep Fried Beats Pianistic Sorrow, Gently Synth & Until Pads. Suitable for Dark mysterious ambient movie scenes.

Description: A Smooth and motivational Piano and Guitar Pop piece perfect for Corporate presentations and any other internet or multi-media project. Delicate, mellow, gentle, swirling, flowing, elegant, tranquil, gliding, airy, watery, aquatic, travel, fashion, prestige, status. Building nicely to a cascading climax to childrens projects.

Description: This is a Dark Ambient, Deep electronic dramatic music featuring Guitars, Piano and beats. Dark mysterious ambient texture of dripping down clicker, dense synthesizer drowner layers & Silky Pads create a wonderful Big City by Night mood & innocent melody.

Description: Light rhythmic background texture. Comforting, relaxing. Pulsating underscore, string & piano textures, drums, light, breezy and mellow. Sets a gentle, down home, laid back tone for your commercial, or presentation. Hopeful, innocent, inspiring. Floating, dreamy.

Description: A beautiful, heartfelt sad track about a person who wants to do things with and for the person she loves, but because they are so far apart from each other, she can only wish she could do certain things. Soulful, smooth-as-silk lead piano with elegant bass and beats.

Description: A happy and lovely composition featuring by e-piano, electric leads, strings pads and beats. This track is suitable for many types of motivational and love projects, calm and beautiful backgrounds, peaceful weather/environment and more.

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