Description: An airy and calm beautiful ambient track followed by electric guitar, Piano, FX Sitar and beats. Fits with all types of projects.

Description: This is dramatic thriller masterpiece that suitable for all types of romantic, sentimental, adventure, fantasy, thriller backgrounds and much more.

Description: Energetic and proudy rock track following haunting electric guitars and beats. Fits with all types of energetic, inspirational sports, extreme sports, thrill backgrounds and much more.

Description: This is fast classic rock track featuring fast beats and electric guitar. This track fits with all types of chase, sports, energetic backgrounds and much more.

Description: A painful masterpiece followed by Fast piano, Rock drums, celesta, strings, violin, harps and male choirs. Suitable for many types of serious projects.

Description: Haunting orchestral composition featuring fast piano, brass, choirs, electric guitars and strings. Suitable for all types of action thrill projects, Sci-Fi epic movies scenes, climax battle scenes, games and more.

Description: An epic melancholy cinematic masterpiece that followed by choirs, brass, harps, cello, strings, piano, percussion, mallets. Fits with many types of epic cinematic projects and production

Description: Chillout rock romantic track contains Electric guitar suitable for all romantic, peaceful, slow, epic love production or projects.

Description: Hip Hop meets Folk. The beat goes hard, the drums are fresh, Followed by funny folk guitar, reverb mute guitar, bass, id bells and analog synth. This track goes perfectly in ethnic commercials, television shows, Youtube videos, websites and more.

Description: Aggressive, melodic hard rock track followed by hard electric guitar and drums. Fits with all types of extreme action/sports and all types of inspirational projects and backgrounds.

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