Description: Striking drums with echoes, plus an evolving melody performed by the synth lead and powerful guitars with distortion creates a special sport track. Works well in scenes with frequent stops, unpredictable actions or sophisticated editing features.

Description: Fast drums and gritty guitars are the main elements of this turbo-charged sport track. Contrasting B section adds variety and balance to the musical structure. Very cool for extreme sports, TV sports programs, Trailers, Video Games, etc.

Description: Authentic and exciting percussion act as a frame to the “belly dance” kind of melodic motives plus additive instrumentation merges with sporadic orchestral dissonances. Perfect for location soundscapes, travel channels, trips, documentaries, history, etc. Also works very well as a film soundtrack.

Description: Spanish guitars blended with groovy drums, clapping, human percussion, rich articulations and hot performances create a fresh Iberoamerican vibe. Great for TV, documentaries, trailers, comedy, travel, fashion show, cooking-food shows, etc.

Description: Powerful guitars with distortion plus bassy synth leads and spicy drums gives you a high-impact sport track. Great for extreme sports, TV sports programs, Trailers, Video Games, or any scene requiring vigorous action music.

Description: Exotic “jungle” intro is followed by a haunting melodic motive. African elements, modern orchestra arrangements and rich percussion create an exciting “safari like” short theme. Perfect for jungle-animal related scenes, travel and trips, discovering nature, documentaries, TV, trailers, films, etc.

Description: Evolving melody with middle-eastern flavor follows a mysterious introduction, with magnetic percussion, short ostinatos, and low strings melodic echoes. Great for documentaries, ethnic mystic series, travel and trips, dramatic soundtracks middle-eat locations), etc.

Description: Electronic drums follows a Spanish guitar’ introduction. Melodic motives are merged with exciting arpeggio’s textures creating a rich harmony. More fresh iberoamerican vibe… Good fit for travel, tourism, fashion shows, food programs, TV, documentaries, trailers, comedy, restaurants, etc.

Description: Nylon guitars duet perform a “Mediterranean style” melody on top of a delicate multi-meter rhythm. Great for film, TV, documentaries, restaurants, etc. Fits perfectly in a bar with “iberoamerican flavor” or in a big terrace in front of the ocean, while two persons are having a conversation.

Description: Fugitive scene contains several drums and percussive layers blended with evolving synth pads, creating an interesting atmosphere leaded by a piano melodic motive. It sounds similar to Harry Gregson Williams’s music in Déjà vu. TwinPeaks kind of overall feel. Great for film, TV, webisodes, documentaries, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Ethereal Music.

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