Description: Defiant sounding cinematic instrumental with sweeping pads, cools beats and racing hi-hats. Gives a feeling of power and determination. Or emphasize honor for military duty in a cool way. Gives the same edgy feel as the intro scene to "Top Gun".

Description: Soulful Hip-Hop instrumental that conveys a serious story to be told. This track has an early 90's hip-hop influence. Conscious rap. Useful for background in urban documentary films.

Description: Relaxed contemporary R&B style music for scenes of relaxation, passionate love, long distance relationships or contemplation. Music bed for soap opera, late night dating commercials, adult cable networks, after dark cable series, broadcast radio "Quiet Storm," wedding party. Gentle ocean wave SFX.

Description: Zany sounding hip-hop instrumental with a catchy melody.

Description: Nice gentle piano over an ambient background. Nice background to convey new ideas, concepts, imagination, hope and determination. Or useful for luxury car 30-sec spot.

Description: Groovy neo-soul like tunes jamming over a hip-hop beat.

Description: Neo-soul like r&b groove with hip-hop drums golden age style. Nice background music with a laid back feel suitable for any sophisticated or mature african-american themes or chat line commercials. Also nice for television scenes depicting young love. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Contemplative modern day Hip-Hop style beat. Also evokes several feelings ranging from pain and struggle to vibing out with friends. Nice racing hi-hats compliment Kick and Snap combo with bass line. This is a seamless original loop composition.

Description: Quirky sounding instrumental with a pop/hip-hop feel. Patterned synth chords, hi-hats and a hip beat to dance to.

Description: When you hear this you immediately think something bad is about to happen. Hard kick drum with buzzing synth and organs.

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