Description: Trendy hip-hop instrumental with futuristic synths, sfx, and snappy drums and snare rolls. Groovy club track guaranteed to have your body moving in the club.

Description: Hypnotic, space age ambient music with 808, light shakers, high strings and crystal synths. Compliments outer space travel, deep sea excursions, creative ideas, nature attractions, meditation and presentations. Pearl divers, deep sea exploration, science, new discoveries, corporate promo.

Description: Quirky Hip-Hop beat with cymbal crash, whirling synthesizer, and friendly whistle. Useful for cartoons or scene transitions during reality television. Corny personality.

Description: Comical flute melody with run away piano keys, toms and cymbal crash finale. Trinket SFX included in background. Cue.

Description: Emotional piano solo with space age flowing strings create moments of melancholy, despair, scientific exploration, natural wonders or mourning.

Description: Fun, exciting, energetic & quirky news energizer with electronic elements that grab attention. Breaking news, news energize, newscast opener, new media apps, quick pitch advert, flash animation, teenage mall shopping, introduction, game show tension. Modern and pulsing, dynamic, warm & wholesome.

Description: Exciting hip-hop short with funky electronic bass groove and dj/turntable scratch. Usage for scene cue, company logos, flash, childrens music, comedy show entrance, scene transition, urban jingle, program to commercial transition, video game cue. Sounds like Cartoon Network.

Description: Dark, gritty and grimy sounding mid-temp hip-hop track with mean bass line and deep bass drops. Compliments themes of gang activity, fear, intimidation and tough inner-city life.

Description: Smooth melodic hip-hop instrumental with east coast vibe. Nice background for inner-city themes and documentaries.

Description: New-Age like melody with groovy percussive beats. Electronic synths and sfx add cinematic feel.

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