Description: Hard edgy urban Hip-Hop instrumental loop for various Hip-Hop media productions. Strong sustained bass line, kick and clap beat pattern with bounce and panned percussion. Background music for logos and animations, intro's, radio personalities, video games, reality tv and more. This is a seamless loop.

Description: 90's style Hip-Hop instrumental with sparse vocal. Positive vibe, useful for urban drama, radio advertisement, inner-city documentary, indie films and more.

Description: Cinematic hip-hop instrumental with a dark and gritty underground vibe. Lone warrior type music. Think Japanese animated films for adults or documentary on urban hip-hop celebrities or depiction of inner-city life. Background music for eerie docu-drama. Also similar to rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

Description: Atmospheric soundcape melody with trendy beats, low end bass and sfx create an illusion of on-line fantasy, scientific theories or adult interaction.

Description: 5-sec animated electronic music cue for corporate presentation, logo, bumper, scene transition, cartoon, electronic gadgets or video games.

Description: Abstract ambient soundscape with swinging drum pattern to give a loose feel. "Hey" sparse vocal. Pulsing bass line adds a bit of an edgy feeling. Music for various science fiction themes, chill-out themes, substance abuse documentary, social issues, website flash loop. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Smooth melodic hip-hop instrumental with east coast vibe. Nice background for inner-city themes and documentaries.

Description: When you hear this you immediately think something bad is about to happen. Hard kick drum with buzzing synth and organs.

Description: Mellow vibes resonate from this hip r&b instrumental. With a spacey synth background, groovy beat and deep bass line (during chorus), this tune is a good attraction for any media geared toward a 30-something or grown and sexy audience. Nice for urban radio spots and promos.

Description: Mid-Tempo dramatic hip-hop expression with escalating edgy feeling. Strings bring tension and suspense leaving anticipation. Nice for investigative news documentary or themes portraying time is essential.

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