Description: Fast paced electronic beats with a sweeping futuristic vibe and space age sfx. Nice for corporate advertisements, scientific documentaries, video game music, financing, debt relief programs, extreme sports. Forward thinking. (loop edit available)

Description: Urban Hip-Hop instrumental production music. Has a banging beat with quirky and video game like SFX and percussion. Can be an exciting mood or somewhat aggressive with hard drums.

Description: Dynamic and exciting Hip-Hop beat with a quirky electronic feel. Wobbling synth cords, humming bass line and exciting breaks keep this track engaging. Nice for extreme sports, nerds, electronics, youth promos, or radio ads. Parody. (stinger edit available)

Description: Hip-Hop production music. Very simple repetitive groove with a soulful old school feeling. Useful for background cue, music bed for documentary, podcast or television programming. (loop version available)

Description: Hip-Hop production music. Contemporary feeling for highlights such as celebrity personalities, reality television, web series, sports or up and coming stars. Complete instrumental track with intro and ends with resolve.

Description: Mellow hip-hop instrumental with urban inner city feel. Dark piano keys mixed with light pads, heavy kick and snare drum pattern. Great background music for urban demographic. Documentary, interviews, indie film, DVD menu, mens fashion, reality show, hustling, urban drama, crime drama, radio ad

Description: Urban beats and repetitive synth melody to underscore curiosity, secrets, seduction, investigation news and more. Nice 808 bass, claps, and percussion with trap style Hip-Hop feel.

Description: Ominous and pale sounding chords with an evil sounding piano keys and a slow tempo beat. Includes segment where chords are sweeping back and forth. Background music for urban drama, docu-drama, evil characters lurking in the dark, dark basements, fog. Also useful for various Halloween productions.

Description: Retro sounding electronic chill out muzak. Elevator music, on hold, background music bed for weather channel programming, public access or lounge. Music for deep thought and contemplation.

Description: Soulful and emotional Hip-Hop instrumental comprised of organ melody, harp, electric guitar, stand out drums and a smooth bass line. Useful for media depicting family gatherings, BBQ's or a general laid-back social environment or hotel lounge. Also, think Hip-Hop nostalgia. Documentary. (short edit and seamless loop edit available)

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