Description: Somber hip-hop instrumental bed conveys moments of uncertainty, worrying, dull, unsure, doubt, blues, depression, or loneliness. Useful for documentaries on substance abuse, job loss, dilemma, prison life. Also urban demographic commercials, anime, adult swim program listing, logo, voice over & more. (stinger edit available)

Description: Dark, gritty and grimy sounding mid-temp hip-hop track with mean bass line and deep bass drops. Compliments themes of gang activity, fear, intimidation and tough inner-city life.

Description: Block rockin' urban Hip-Hop track with hard hitting beats, chaotic sounding synth chords, panning triangle and screaming pitch bending chord. Excellent Hip-Hop music to underscore excitement, wild times and partying. Music for someone that is insane, crazy or going berserk. Also think energizing music for reality television programming for youth audiences or building custom cars. Basketball and extreme sports highlights/commercials.

Description: Loud, aggressive over the top guitar with heavy kick drum, acoustic snare and bongo are sure to get your attention. Useful for excitement, extreme sports, video game menus, action sequences, radio spots and documentaries.

Description: Urban beats and repetitive synth melody to underscore curiosity, secrets, seduction, investigation news and more. Nice 808 bass, claps, and percussion with trap style Hip-Hop feel.

Description: Retro sounding fun and friendly music loop with Hip-Hop beats, catchy video game like melody, old school claps and SFX. Seamless loop good for background production in commercials, YouTube videos, ringtone, educational presentation, video game menu.

Description: Feel good music with energetic quirky hip-hop beat, rhodes and guitars. Encourages positive feelings, confidence and new beginnings for all audiences. Nice for commercial spots, b2b, website, teen consumer products, family programming, reality TV, beauty products, travel and social events.

Description: Energetic musical piece with dominant harps, hip-hop snare, pizzicato stabs and intimidating kick drums. Scenes such as car chases, bank robberies, inner-city chase or criminal escape can be enhanced with this heart racing track.

Description: Trendy hip-hop instrumental with futuristic synths, sfx, and snappy drums and snare rolls. Groovy club track guaranteed to have your body moving in the club.

Description: Think of a calm, mellow, relaxing evening filled with love and romance in the air. Or take a ride down the coast line in a convertible. Grown and sexy music bed for romantic scenes, commercial advertisement for mature audience, voice over, instructional dvd, health spa.

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