Description: 5-sec animated electronic music cue for corporate presentation, logo, bumper, scene transition, cartoon, electronic gadgets or video games.

Description: Mid-Tempo dramatic hip-hop expression with escalating edgy feeling. Strings bring tension and suspense leaving anticipation. Nice for investigative news documentary or themes portraying time is essential.

Description: Calm and relaxing r&b music suitable for chilling out in a beautiful garden, sunset walks at the beach, or a couple filled with love spending a romantic evening together. Candle light dinners, lounge music, background music for adult novelty shops.

Description: Neo-soul like r&b groove with hip-hop drums golden age style. Nice background music with a laid back feel suitable for any sophisticated or mature african-american themes or chat line commercials. Also nice for television scenes depicting young love. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Comical flute melody with run away piano keys, toms and cymbal crash finale. Trinket SFX included in background. Cue.

Description: Trendy Hip-Hop instrumental with horn section, upright bass, rolling hi-hats, snappy beats and percussion with a whistling melodic catchy hook. Useful for hip-hop anthem or media projects needing to add some "bounce" to their presentation. Young love or nightclub scene with dancers. Atlanta, GA. (full length edit available)

Description: All things positive with this groovy R&B medley of synths, strings and sexy rhythms. Lush vibrant groovy and mellow. Perfect high fashion, laid-back urban club scenes for the African American demographic. Travel, beauty products, upscale lifestyle, fashion shows, romantic drama & slow dancing. (full edit, 60-sec edit, and 30-sec edit available)

Description: Exciting Hip-Hop music with hard gritty drums, winding synth melodies, horn stabs and cymbal crashes for BIG sound. (loops and full edit available)

Description: Gentle piano melody with punchy Hip-Hop drums. Lead synth during chorus. (this is a seamless loop)

Description: Reverberating and stretching synth with animated melodies and a hard bassy drum rhythm. Lots of swagger. Seamless loop for your commercial or radio advertisement, app, indie film project, DVD menu music and more.

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