Description: Energetic musical piece with dominant harps, hip-hop snare, pizzicato stabs and intimidating kick drums. Scenes such as car chases, bank robberies, inner-city chase or criminal escape can be enhanced with this heart racing track.

Description: Modern day Hip-Hop instrumental. Trendy vibe with a catchy flute melody for the chorus. Think celebration and good good times. In the spot light.

Description: Fast paced hip-hop instrumental with string ensemble, beats and bass line. Music for themes related to urgent action, adrenaline, speed, dancing and more

Description: Mid-tempo hip-hop instrumental with West Coast feel, piano, flutes, ambient pads, gangsta organ, booming 808 kick and funky bassline. Good for scenes that spark excitement or college kids partying. Chillout Club Jam, laidback urban themes or budding innercity romance. Sounds like Dr. Dre

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