Description: Opener and soundbed for a late night tv show. Blues Pop-Rock cue with guitar fills, synth sounds and a cool and laid back drum groove. Perfect for tv shows and commercials.

Description: Corporate Indie Folk with acoustic guitars, ukulele and a sweet and simple melody played with a glockenspiel (bells). Perfect for commercials and tv shows.

Description: Smooth folk pop song with nice fingerpicked acoustic guitars, melodical lead electric guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, handclaps and soft string pads. This tune brings you a nice summer feeling. Perfect for your home videos, presentations, websites or corporate projects.

Description: Easy going corporate track with an acoustic guitar intro and smooth pop/jazz guitar licks in the middle section. Suits perfect your videos, youtube videos and corporate projects.

Description: Easy traditional bavarian style TV theme with tuba, accordion, glockenspiel and zither. The melody is very simple and easy to remember. Suitable for your video projects, trailers, tv themes and other visual projects.

Description: Nice and romantic cue, played with a Spieluhr, a bender (Lap Steel) and bass. The melody is very simple and smooth. I think the track fits best into corporate projects, animations or a child music project.

Description: Emotional and smooth pop music track with a light jazz flavour. Groovy drums, combined with live played guitars and atmospheric synthie sounds. Perfect for your corporate projects, animations and videos.

Description: This is a funny kids tune featuring a simple 3/4 waltz beat, piano, glockenspiel, marimba, xylophone and acousitc guitars. Great for kids fun, animal mishap, comedy in general and your corporate projects.

Description: "Feel Good Song" is a good vibe, smooth and joyful folk track featuring acoustic guitars, glockenspiel and hand claps. You`ll find plenty of good vibes and fresh melodies. Perfect for your corporate projects, animations, commercials, trailers, videos and broadcast productions.

Description: Motivational pop rock track with positivity and strong confidence, very groovy and with nice guitar melodies. Suitable for your corporate projects, commercials, trailers, videos and broadcast productions.

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