Description: Positive, commercial advertising Soft Smooth Opening Telephone Logo Intro with chill sound and beautiful romantic mood, which include soft pads, Dialing phone number sounds, synths, explosion fx, etc…This call center opener track can be used as a music background for business websites, advertising youtube video, presentation promo video, etc…advertising, background, beautiful, beginning, business, clean, commercial, corporate, flash, game, ident, intro, intro music, logo, music, opener, opening, positive, presentation, product, rising, romantic, short, smooth, soft, tender, video, website, telephone, chill, chill out, mysterious, pad, dialing, phone, number, dialing phone number, call on the phone, call, calling, call center, hypnotic, high tech, magical, light, mellow, meditative, mystical, video game, relaxed

Description: This is high tech, short commercial advertising Intro Logo Opener Transition with mysterious sound fx…This track can be used as a sound, background for websites, business or financial news, presentation promo video, cinematic credits, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying! 10s, 10sec, background, bright, cinematic, energetic, excited, fx, game, game fx, game sound, hi tech, intro, logo, loop, modern, mysterious, news, opener, opening, scary, short, sound, strong, tech, trailer, trailer logo, transition, transition fx, uplifting, high tech, industrial, intense, mechanical, video game, aggressive, angry, confident, hard, proud, mystical, magical,

Description: Agressive Grunge Rock Urban Music 15s Loop, dirty and energetic inspirational music with confident mood. Great music for modern slideshows, presentations, summer season advertising video. Strong drums, live bass, driving catchy guitars. Nice also for commercial games and movies, as a musical background for business websites. achievement, action, advertising, aggressive, alternative, angry, background, bright, catchy, commercial, confident, cool, corporate, disturbing, driving, dynamic, edgy, electric guitar, energetic, extreme, fast, game, groovy, grunge, hard, heavy, inspirational, intense, intro, light rock, loud, motivational, music, opening, powerful, proud, rock, rock music, slideshow, soundtrack, strong, tension, uplifting, video, video game, website, big, bouncy, urban, looping

Description: This is my new, really motivational, sport powerful Energetic Game Dance Music 20s looped intro music track with many bright instruments - catchy synths, bass, exciting club dancing rythmical drums, etc…This short opening track can be used anywhere – as an energetic musical background for websites, flash action games and corporate opener video, football soccer games, sport radio or tv news, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) achievement, action, advertising, aggressive, angry, bright, broadcast, commercial, competition, confident, cool, corporate, dance, oldstyle, dynamic, energetic, extreme, fast, game, hard, intense, intro, loop, motivational, news, noise, opening, powerful, short, show, sport, sport game, sport news, sport show, sports music, strong, tension, uplifting, video game, high tech, industrial, music, background, proud, rave, playful, techno, 90s, looping, fast

Description: This is my new energetic, positive, corporate and bouncy soft pop trance music track with uplifting bright mood, which contain modern synths, electronic drums, background vocal samples and live bass…This hi tech track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical background for corporate websites, computer arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertising and commercial inspiring company business presentation youtube video, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) calm, 2min, advertising, background, business, commercial, inspiring, corporate, dance, opener, hi tech, inspirational, intro, logo, loop, trance, motivational, music, nature, opening, pop, positive, promo, rising, soft, space, uplifting, video, upbeat, travel, bouncy, bright, easy, elegant, video game, sweet, smooth, relaxed, coldplay, corporate music, dreamy, game, happy, high tech, hopeful, peaceful, magical, light, discovery, synthesiser,

Description: This is my new vocal trance track with beautiful tender mood, which contain soft synth, dance leads and dreamy fx…I have included in pack different versions of this track – original with voice and short looped version with voice, for your comfortable using…This track can be used anywhere – like musical background for websites, in games and movies, as a soundtrack, corporate video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) background, best, business, commercial, corporate, dance, dreamy, easy, electronic, emotional, energetic, fast, loop, melodious, modern, motivational, opening, pop, positive, rhythmical, soft, soundtrack, strings, trance, travel, video, vocal, voice, website, summer, bouncy, bright, confident, discovery, nature, video game, uplifting, smooth, magical, mystical, light, hypnotic, high tech, relaxed, romantic, sentimental, techno, male vocal, human voice, fast tempo

Description: This is an inspirational, really energetic and motivated, aggressive and powerful dance Sport Life (Electronic Version) Loop 60s Intro. Track contains catchy synths, cool modern electronic fast drums, whistle sound and sport football soccer game show mood. This track can be used anywhere – as a musical background for sports news websites, flash action sports games and corporate summer video, football soccer video, advertising youtube video, sport radio or tv news, etc. Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) 60s, achievement, action, advertising, aggressive, angry, background, big, bright, broadcast, commercial, competition, confident, cool, corporate, dance, driving, dynamic, energetic, extreme, fast, football, game, hard, inspiring, intense, intro, loop, loud, motivational, music, news, noise, opening, powerful, rock, soccer, sport, sport action, sport game, sport logo, sport news, sports, sports music, strong, tech, tv, uplifting, video game, looping, fast

Description: This short 30s track called as Mysterious Scary Morning UFO Landing music intro contain many strange fx's, drums, Mysterious synths, pads, bass etc, which create true spirit of early morning UFO landing. You can use this track for websites, films about UFO, backgrounds, movies, films, news, telecasts, about nature, etc..ambient, background, chillout, computer, dark, deep, electronic, emotional, enigma, fx, game, gloomy, hi tech, intro, logo, meditative, melancholy, mysterious, mystique, opener, opening, relaxing, sad, scary, short, strange, tech, ufo, video, website, relaxed, searching, smooth, soft, soothing, tension, video game, tranquil, mystical, magical, hypnotic, high tech, dreamy, melancholic, futuristic, eerie, uplifting, reflective, music

Description: This is super joyful pop ethnic Joy And Sadness (Ethnic Music Intro) specially for St Patrick’s Day with good mood and fairy-tale style, with lots of ethnic instruments – mandolin, pan flute, zourna, koto, strings, violins and guitar…This track beautiful for different presentations and can be used anywhere – in games and movies, news, telecasts, as a music background for websites etc…background, websites, music, ethnic, bright, joyful, happy, fairy-tale, beautiful, mandolin, guitar, pan flute, zourna, koto, violin, Positive, exciting, emotional, motivational, hope, soulful, St Patrick's Day, Mellow, Romantic, Peaceful, ireland, St Patrick, folk, Eire, acoustic piano, family, holiday, children, party, contemplative, video game, uplifting, sentimental, romantic, hopeful, magical, light, lively, nature, peaceful, positive, soft, smooth, sensual, flute

Description: This is a beautiful uplifting dance music composition with trance notes, my vocal samples and tender dreamy synth solo..This track can be used anywhere - as a music, background for websites, games and movies, business projects, corporate videos, flash presentations, slideshows, documentary scientific films, presentations, news, telecasts, podcast, youtube video about nature, space, etc. trance, dance, club, relaxing, background, business, chill, commercial, corporate, deep, electronic, emotional, game, hi tech, intro, logo, modern, mysterious, opening, video, website, bright, calm, dreamy, easy, inspirational, light, alively, magical, meditative, mellow, mystical, positive, peaceful, relaxed, romantic, sentimental, smooth, soft, soothing, sweet, tranquil, travel, uplifting, quiet, hopeful, hypnotic, uplifting trance, fast

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