Description: This is my new optimistic positive corporate logo music track with cheerful bright mood, which contain guitar solo, driving guitars, live rock drums, claps and live bass…This track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical background for websites, in computer children arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertising and commercial video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

Description: This is my newest motivational and positive corporate easy rock inspiring music loop for your business projects and video with exciting sound and beautiful light sunny mood, which include different bright instuments – electric guitar, live bass, drums, etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a music, background for websites, in flash games and movies, business video presentations, news, nature, etc…Enjoy summer and thanks for purchase!:) Positive rock, advertising, background, bouncy, bright, business, cheerful, children, commercial, corporate, easy rock, elegant, energetic, excited, festive, frantic, good mood, groovy, happy, holiday, hopeful, inspirational, light, light rock, lite, lite rock, lively, logo, motivational, moving, music, nature, opening, optimistic, peaceful, pop, positive, positive music, rock, smooth, soft rock, successful, travel, tv, uplifting, video game, confident, every day, easy, looping

Description: Inspiring, positive and soft pop rock music track Game Trailer Loop 15s in 80s and 90s mood and Depeche Mode or Hurts synth pop rock old style. Track included rythmical drums and bass, soft top notch modern synths and pad...This motivational mysterious background music geat for business commercial video presentations, computer games and movies,musical background for advertising, slideshow, business websites, company logo soundtrack 15s, 80s, advertising, alternative, background, bright, business, calm, commercial, confident, corporate, depeche mode, discovery, dreamy, emotional, energetic, hi tech, hopeful, hypnotic, indie, inspiration, inspirational, inspiring, life, light, loop, magical, melancholy, mellow, motivated, motivation, music, mysterious, mystical, old style, pop, presentation, promotional, proud, reflective, rock, smooth, soft, song, successful, synth pop, techno, uplifting, video game, aggressive, looping, fast

Description: This is my new positive background chill lounge acoustic 30s loop music track with calm lovely romantic mood, which contain acoustic guitar, soft drums and live bass…This 30 sec track can be used anywhere – as a relaxing musical background for websites, games, tv or radio jingle, advertising, wedding and commercial video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!

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