Description: Waiting (Time is money) Universal piano-based piece that's going very well with a motivational background, TV-news-like timer (you know, music playing before news and some other programs, while there's a ticking clock on the screen), corporate events and presentations, soundtracks... Can be used as an unobtrusive background everywhere except some brutal things :) NOTE: For your convenience I also prepared 35 and 60-seconds version of the theme.

Description: These mysterious remote and muffled sounds will prove useful to you as a background in some thriller, Sci-Fi things, adventures, or even a horror movie. You might also imagine abandoned and devastated dark places through this piece.

Description: It's free and easy, relaxed and even a little lazy acoustic guitar jam in a warm summer evening. It arouse the feelings of calm, quiet, relax and freedom. Imagine that you have a rest after hard working day or on a vacation watching soothing sunset. This nice thing would find its own place in a film, TV score; partially in advertising, corporate projects, presentations etc.

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