Description: Tender and slightly suspenseful, "Sparse Emotion" is a simple drone and piano track perfect for modern TV style drama and romance. Easy to edit to any length, this flexible, yet deeply emotional cue can highlight any sentimental moment.

Description: Perfect for an dark opening prologue underscore, “Deadly Prologue” begins rather understated, creepy, and mysterious – and grows in intensity, dynamics and emotion.

Description: A heroic, military-inspired track to highlight the bitter-sweet emotions of your military film.

Description: Deeply grungy and gritty, “Altered” is the intense track for all your horror or suspense needs. Layers of lo-fi synths and percussion tell of the horrific altered reality in which the undead walk. Violent and aggressive, this industrial track can lead you down some dark roads.

Description: An intense action\horror chase track—I imagine this is what would be playing if I were chased through a labyrinth of sewer pipes by demented clowns and serial killers.

Description: Fun and upbeat, "Social Media" is the quirky electronic sound of metaphorical terabytes of data dancing along the tubes of the interwebs. It's a great track for any tech project, computer blogs, fast forward montages, or even a children's video. This piece is sometimes inspiring, sometimes silly, sometimes dramatic - but always in motion.

Description: Fun and upbeat, this is a short acoustic guitar based cue designed to be laid under credits of a film. It is light and happy and will lend itself well to a brief comedy montage or slideshow.

Description: A fun, upbeat, track with a whimsical Summer feel – perfect for a beach montage.

Description: A fun, slightly bitter-sweet Summer track.

Description: A super fun ‘wake up’ tune to energize your Summer morning.

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