Description: As its name suggests, “Epique” is epic Hollywood to a T. Ideal for action\adventure trailers or scenes, this track packs an energetic and emotional punch.

Description: Starting off with an intriguing ostinato and growing into a large, epic moment, "Heroic Quest" is a grandiose underscore for you hero. Featuring full orchestra with intense strings, percussion, and male chorus, this cue will provide the musical energy you need for your adventure. This would make a brilliant trailer.

Description: This modern, drum-heavy synth track is layered with orchestrations designed to get your blood pumping.

Description: Modern and gripping, "Epic Trailer 1" is the sound of current Hollywood blockbusters - in a 1:30 minute trailer. Heroic and grand, this powerhouse track can underscore any action or adventure sequence you can throw at it, ending in a nail biting moment of intensity to leave your pulse pounding

Description: Intense and ominous, "Man of Iron" is the epic action score you need for any fight or battle sequence (preferably one with explosions). Great for action adventure scenes with a heightened emotion or heroic violence. With a slight touch of the Middle East, this is an outstanding track for a desert war or any kind of military scenario.

Description: Ominous and aggressive, "Soldiers Of The Dark" is a heavy action score for any of your darker projects. Whether it's a horror scene, a gothic battle in an epic war, or any moment where you need an oppressive, heart racing underscore, this is the trailer for you.

Description: Starting rather simply, “March Attack” grows in intensity as a perfect underscore for the approach of an army of any sort—military, orcs, vengeful children… you name it.

Description: Dark and menacing, "Dark Shadows" is short, trailer length intensity building underscore for any horror, spy, police, or action project. Full of percussion and modern electric instruments, this cue will add a mysterious, yet dire feeling to anything you put it under. Great for trailers, previews, or fast, panicked chase scenes.

Description: Deeply grungy and gritty, “Altered” is the intense track for all your horror or suspense needs. Layers of lo-fi synths and percussion tell of the horrific altered reality in which the undead walk. Violent and aggressive, this industrial track can lead you down some dark roads.

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