Description: Gritty and dirty, “A Tormented Soul” is the desperate sound of the undead walking the earth. Great for horror, suspense, or zombie flicks, this track will make you want to double check that your doors are locked – and your shotgun is loaded.

Description: Dynamic and moving, “The Winner’s Path” is the music that beats in the heart of every successful endeavor. Short, sweet, and to the point, this piece is a stirring and emotionally inspiring track – designed to make you feel the sense of victory as you cross the finish line. Perfect for corporate or motivational projects – or even a moment where you need a sense of epic adventure… Either way, you’ve already won.

Description: Dark and mystical, “Sneaking Into the Castle” is a great suspense track for all your horror or thriller needs. Imagine, if you will, sneaking around an enchanted, magical castle at night – expecting doom and ghouls around each corner. Heavy in woodwinds, this track is cinematic enough for any dark project – and quirky enough for Halloween.

Description: Calming and ethereal, "Om" is a mystical meditation cue for any surreal or slow motion moment in your project that needs an ambient or sci fi sound. Tender and soft, this relaxing track is also perfect for moments of loss and longing or intimate, yet uncomfortable moments of your film.

Description: Gentle and inspiring, "Renew" is a soft piano melody with harp and light strings. Great for sentimental or romantic moments, this music cue will bring a sense of innocent wonder to your project.

Description: Modern and urban, "Midnight Grit" is hiphop - ish cue with a subtle emotional undertone. Great for the start of an epic action sequence, or a determined adventure scene, this dark track uses a heavy rhythm to raise your pulse rate and add a layer of suspense.

Description: Following the TV trend of using hip hop rhythm under a small orchestra, "Crossing The Tracks" is a modern beat driven cue for that darker moment in your project. Perfect for location settings, montages, of when the super-cool character pulls up in his flashy ride.

Description: Ominous and aggressive, "Soldiers Of The Dark" is a heavy action score for any of your darker projects. Whether it's a horror scene, a gothic battle in an epic war, or any moment where you need an oppressive, heart racing underscore, this is the trailer for you.

Description: Heavenly and soothing, "Peaceful Bliss" is a beautiful score featuring ambient vocal choir and simple repetitive music. Innocent and tender, this piece is a warm mood enhancer. Great for romance, relaxation, or any soft moment when you need your soul to smile.

Description: Intimate and inspiring, "Pondering Hope" is a piano and strings piece which captures the imaginative emotion of hope and dreams. Perfect for motivational corporate presentations, romance or travel scenes, a children montage, or any moment which needs an extra serving of understated, yet powerful emotion.

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