Description: Cinematic and daring "Taking A Chance" is an epic adventure track featuring a large orchestral ensemble. Exciting and passionate, this is a great piece to underscore sports sequences, a powerful montage, or a corporate inspiration piece. Altering between a dark then triumphant emotion, this lush music ends in glorious victory.

Description: With a deep Southern flair, this modern cue, "Deep Fried Adventure" is an upbeat and uplifting piece for nearly any purpose. This would sit very well inside a corporate project, an outdoor adventure sequence, or a chipper and happy montage. I wouldn't call this bluegrass, but with the banjo, guitar, and lively percussion, it's certainly a foot stompin' good time.

Description: Modern and emotional, "TV Piano Drama 1" is a subtle drone and piano underscore track in the style which is popular for many contemporary TV Dramas. Simple and unobtrusive, this is a great ambient piece for tender or intimate moments. Good for slow motion or flashbacks, this has the emotional punch you need.

Description: Short but epic "Cinematic Fanfare Logo 1" is the heroic Hollywood sound you need for your project. Perfect for brief title cards, logo branding, blogs, or even a quick music cue within your video.

Description: Intense and chaotic, "Bulletproof" is the gritty track you need for your action or adventure project. Perfect for street fight or a car chase through the underworld, this score has the heightened emotions you need to highlight the suspense and darkness in your work.

Description: Simple, but rhythmically epic, "World Walker" is the quintessential sound of a nomadic journey. This is a contemporary adventure score mixed with a tribal feel - both of which will certainly inspire you to continue pushing forward. Great for an outdoor or travel montage, "World Walker" could even sit well under a motivational corporate presentation.

Description: Sentimental and emotional, "Our First Christmas" is a simple yet magical track capturing the warm feelings of the holiday season. Loving and romantic, this delicate score will work well for any touching heartfelt family moment - any time of year.

Description: A Celtic Christmas, "Highland Winter" is the chilled, but warm and airy sounds of winter in the Highlands. Great for a location setting, or even a Scottish battle, this is a great multi-purpose track for holiday snow days, or invigorating ski races down the slopes. Ringing with a world flair, "Highland Winter" is Hollywood underscoring at its best.

Description: Part fantasy, part lullaby, all emotion "The Aurora" has a peaceful shine to it, conjuring up magical, happy images in your mind. With light strings, celesta, glockenspiel, and harp, this is a subtly hopeful track to engage your audience's heart strings. Perfect for montages, lonely moments, or even romance, "The Aurora" is outstanding for any time you need some ambient music.

Description: A simple, but pleasantly repetitive guitar riff underneath enchanting free-form piano improv. Strangely soothing, yet still containing an intriguing emotional power. This track is great for lovely dream sequences, inspirational moments, or even a sunset walk on the beach.

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