Description: You better work! With a solid beat and techno \ industrial sound, "Fierce Catwalk" is serving an eclectic brand of mystical attitude. Perfect for a fashion show or a fabulous stroll down a catwalk, this upbeat yet dramatic track lends a sophisticated yet playful vibe. This is also a good one for montages or travel scenes. Either way, this is a piece that will surely let them HAVE it.

Description: Upbeat and lively, "Super Fun Time" is... Super Fun! Great for tech blogs or a commercial for your favorite fruit-named electronic company, this track is all smiles.

Description: Intense and slightly dark, "Tribal Drums" is an active and quick cue for any action or adventure sequence. Perfect for a chase scene as well, this cinematic music will add an urgent sense to your project. With a taste of Africa, this percussion heavy composition will also enhance any project retelling stories from around the world. Easily loopable.

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