Description: Upbeat and cinematic, "A Magical Day" is an epic adventure score. Ideally designed for a firework or choreographed fountain show, this energetic piece will bring life and inspiration to your project.

Description: An orchestral mix of classic, epic Westerns and the cinematic emotion of sleeping under the Texas stars, "Lone Star Adventure" is an outstanding piece for any cowboy or cowgirl project. Whether you're showcasing an evening at the rodeo or just a looooooooooong road trip through Texas, this is the adventurous track you need.

Description: Part inspirational, part ambient, “Inspiring The Heart” is an upbeat track for all corporate needs. Musically vague, this uplifting piece can fit right in among children’s montages, romantic and fun moments, you name it! This is the perfect balance of energy and sensitivity.

Description: An intimate piano tune with subtle cello\bass underneath, “Dad’s Piano” is one of those simple, emotional songs which can underscore any tender moment – whether it is a child’s lullaby or saying a final farewell, this track will highlight those soft, hard-to-describe feelings.

Description: An emotionally powerful corporate track, "Destined For The Sun" is a musical dose of inspiration. Great for a corporate project, travel blog, or even adventure or romance - this piece has many motivational motives. Relying heavily on a beautiful grand piano, this is a perfect underscore for any project where you need an extra tug at the heart strings.

Description: Epic yet restrained, "Titans of Honor" is a goosebump inducing inspirational orchestra piece. It would be amazing as an adventure score, a travel montage, or even inside of a corporate motivational project. This piece has a slight military feel to it, which makes it emotionally ideal for feelings of determination and teamwork.

Description: Starting small and intimate, “Third Hope” grows into a large, orchestral call-to-action motif.

Description: Joyful and uplifting, 'The Global Adventure' is an epic adventure piece highlighting the sounds of world music. This is a great piece for travel blogs or any travel related project. This track is a vibrant journey around the globe.

Description: Epic and full of adventure, "Take Heart" is the Hollywood styled orchestral score dripping with passion and emotion. This track would sit well under any heroic moment in your project. Perhaps your hero must choose which destiny to follow? This is a fantastic dramatic piece for any large scale sequence needing a driving sense of purpose.

Description: Boldly going into the final frontier, "Enterprise" is an epic adventure on a trek through the stars. Invigorating and mysterious, this is an outstanding piece for any action oriented sci-fi project. Bright and upbeat, this orchestral track is an inspiring nod to space exploration and the indomitable spirit behind it. Great for sports and travel projects too!

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