Description: Part fantasy, part lullaby, all emotion "The Aurora" has a peaceful shine to it, conjuring up magical, happy images in your mind. With light strings, celesta, glockenspiel, and harp, this is a subtly hopeful track to engage your audience's heart strings. Perfect for montages, lonely moments, or even romance, "The Aurora" is outstanding for any time you need some ambient music.

Description: Beautiful and ethereal, “In Dreams” is a surreal, but calming track full of wonder. This is perfect for any dream sequence, slo-mo shot, or moment of mystery and awe… This track can also double as a space themed bed of music.

Description: This multi-purpose track can set multiple moods for any moment in your project that needs to slow down and take a breath. Slow, light, and emotional, “Ethereal Light” is the perfect underscore for moments of solitude, heartbreak, goodbyes, or even magic and mystery.

Description: Perfect for a calm or emotional montage, "Innocence" is a simple and repetitive piano line underscored with lush strings and choir. While a Christmas mood is suggested around the Holiday season, this cue would fit well under a tender wedding moment or a soft romantic scene.

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