Description: Upbeat inspirational corporate background music with fresh sound. Ideal for your media.

Description: Happy positive cheerful ukulele background music. Ideal for your media.

Description: Happy hopeful uplifting inspirational and optimistic corporate background music. Ideal for motivational and inspiring projects, corporate presentations, slideshows, tutorials, youtube videos, business videos, real estate, product promotions, openers, explainers and many more.

Description: Gentle minimalistic calm piano background music. Ideal for film, presentation, wedding videos, lovestory and any other media that requires hopeful tender dreaming inspiring atmosphere.

Description: Sad Clown is mid tempo sad emotional sentimental music. Featuring accordion, strings, glockenspiel, brass, tuba, bassoon, orchestral drums. Ideal for film, animation, video game, circus videos, emotional videos, and many other media projects.

Description: Super fun, happy and energetic background music. Featuring ukulele, piano, bells, handclaps, marimba, acoustic guitar, hammond organ, drums. Ideal for happy commercials, presentations, product promotions, corporate videos, children's projects, funny videos about animals, traveling vlogs, motivational and inspirational videos, and any other media where must be created happy, fun, optimistic atmosphere.

Description: Happy playful fun piano waltz background music. Ideal for circus videos, waltz and ballet, children's projects, videos about animals, slideshows, film, animation etc.

Description: Fun comic holyday music. Featuring pizzicato strings, bells, glockenspiel, harpsichord, tuba, xylophone, tambourine. Ideal for christmas videos, film, presentations, video games, TV, podcasts, youtube videos, cartoons, and anything that requires holiday magical atmosphere.

Description: Driving adventurous rock background music. Ideal for commercials, sports videos, film, video games, etc.

Description: Festive logo opener with christmas wonder atmosphere. Ideal for inspirational projects.

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