Description: Upbeat inspirational corporate background music with fresh sound. Ideal for your media.

Description: Happy positive cheerful ukulele background music. Ideal for your media.

Description: Inspirational sentimental touching gentle romantic peaceful piano loop. Ideal for film, slideshow, presentation, commercial, youtube video, inspirational videos, background music for love story, wedding, documentaries, etc.

Description: Inspiring epic powerful heroic motivational cinematic trailer music. Inspiring and motivational cinematic trailer music with epic heroic brass, orchestral strings, massive trailer hits and powerful drums. This epic trailer music build in such a way that allows the editor to cut and edit it easily. Ideal for epic movie scenes, blockbuster, superhero film, teaser, trailer, slideshow, inspiring and motivational videos, promo, advertisement, commercial, video game, etc.

Description: Sentimental Emotional Piano and Strings Loop.wav

Description: Calm cinematic atmospheric relaxing ambient blues guitar with background pads. Ideal for any kind of projects where must be created calm, relaxing, meditative, hypnotising thoughtful atmosphere.

Description: Energetic uplifting driving rhythmic rock and blues background music with catchy colorful solo guitar in the middle. Ideal for film, trailers, games, sports videos, youtube videos, vlogs, websites, product promotions, sportscasts, opening music theme for sports events, radio, TV commercials, videos about cars, motorcycles, etc.

Description: Hopeful inspirational motivational light and soft corporate background music. Ideal for your media.

Description: Fast uplifting catchy punk rock background music. Ideal for fun and uplifting videos, commercials, advertisements, slideshows, games, film, product promotions, motivational and inspirational media, background music for sports videos and events, action, fast forward and fast motion videos, party, and any kind of happy and uplifting media.

Description: Energetic driving uplifting catchy rock background music with bright colorful solo in the middle of the track. Ideal for sports videos, projects about racing, motorcycling, sportscasts, videos about cars, presentations, games, film, TV commercials, etc. Featuring electric guitars, bass, drums.

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