Description: Modal, boppish jazz tune played by guitar trio. Smooth and Sassy.

Description: Bluesy, emotional jazz-fusion jam piece, a journey through the time and space of distorted, sophisticated guitar sounds.

Description: Upbeat, Lyrical Jazz Waltz, bopping along with the sounds of smooth jazz guitars, upright bass and swinging drums. Groovy!

Description: A driving, emotionally intense waltz in the style of Antonio Lauro, played by a group of guitars with some bass and drums. Perfect for setting a pensive and intelligent Latin-american theme, without any cliches of Salsa or other tropical music.

Description: Upbeat, Funky Jazz-Rock Fusion. A little sophisticated, with a straight-forward and driving groove. Colourful, with soul and wit.

Description: A fiery, feisty blend of flamenco and jazz, this track combines fiery soul with sophistication!

Description: Poppy, Boppy and Funky, The Skonk is a jazz-fusion exploration of groove and bounce, combining slapping funky bass, riotous drums and soul-searching guitars.

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