Description: Big and powerful electro kick drum, crisp snare and clap, swing 909 high-hats, low sub bass, thick techno synth stabs, and spacey sound effects / Perfect loop for a project that needs strong hard driving eletro-techno / Loop is 8 Bars at 125 BPM.

Description: Crisp and banging MPC style kicks-snares-hats, a chopped string melody, orchestral strings, deep smooth analog bass, old-school hip-hop drum loops, acoustic guitar riffs, and ambient keyboard textures / Think DJ Shadow or DJ Krush / Perfect cue for any Film or TV show that needs deep reflective conscious hip-hop

Description: All tribal & organic drums, low wood drums, congas, triangle, shaker, cowbells, tambourine, and ethnic world drums / think nature documentary or tribal scene

Description: An ambient keyboard melody, strong driving dubstep drums, deep low sub bass, si-fi sound effects, and big build-up rise synths / 8 Bar Loop

Description: Reverb drum hits, low acoustic bass, deep string lines, sharp string lines, bright percussion, driving drums at the end / think TV Theme show or film trailer

Description: Rich and thick layered synth sounds with chorus, delay, detune, and reverb effects / Perfect loop for a project that needs a creepy ambient Si-Fi /Horror/Suspense music / Loop is 8 bars at 100 BPM

Description: A delayed synth horn hook melody, thick layered synth stabs and melodies, high single piano notes, ambient chord pads, 808 bass drops, panning 808 snare fills, low sub bass, trap style high-hats, and banging MPC style drum machines / think Lex Luger and Lil John work with Pete Rock / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs strong driving dirty south-trap music with a pop feel

Description: A smooth rhodes, rich B-3 organ chords, acoustic bass, low sub bass, electric guitar melodies, wah guitar, and banging MPC style drums / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs smooth flowing east coast hip-hop.

Description: Punchy kick & snare, fast machine high hats, thick layered dark synth riffs, low sub bass drops, and ambient synth effects / Perfect loop for a project that needs mainstream dubstep with an underground favor / Loop is 8 bars at 140 BPM

Description: MPC swing drum loop, banging kicks & snares, funky warm low analog bass, chopped rhodes chord stabs, and a smooth jazz flute lead / Perfect cue for a project that needs jazzy east coast hip-hop with a modern day punch and a 90's feel / Loop is 8 bars at 100 BPM

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